36yo mwf. Lower pelvic pain, worse after sex. Very heavy periods, large clots. Go thru overnight pads in 1/2 hour for a full day. Tubes tied. No insur?

Need Dr. You need to have a pelvic exam, & probably meds, possibly surgery if the meds don't work. If you go to http://findahealthcenter.Hrsa.Gov/search_hcc.Aspx, you can find a community health center near you- they can help, and have a sliding fee system so you can afford care.
Call Health Dept. You should be evaluated by a doctor. You might have fibroid tumors. Your local health department can provide you with a list of physicians who accepts medicaid and you should consider applying to have an opportunity to be evaluated. There are many other potential causes and without an exam, it would be tough to give a precise answer.