What to do if I have red throat, bump near uvula, 1 swollen tonsil. Help?

Sx's. For significantly sore throat w swollen tonsils / lymph nodes – see physician & get a strep throat test & culture. Antibiotics are imperative for Strep Throat. Try saltwater gargles. Mix tsp of salt in 8 oz of warm water – gargle w this several times/day. You can gargle w Aloe Vera juice a couple of times per day. A mix of chamomile tea w honey & a small amt of lemon juice helps.

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Protected sex w/ stripper 1wk & 4wk ago. Sore red throat. Also bump @ top/back of mouth. No fever/lymphnodes swollen. No pain or fatigue. Sign of hiv?

Unlikely HIV, But see your doctor for evaluation. It could be something as simple as strep throat, but even then antibiotics are necessary. Consider having evaluation for std's for your own peace of mind especially if there was unprotected oral sexual behavior as a part of the encounter. Read more...