Is it bad to eat two large eggs everyday? I'm a 22 year old female. My friend told me I shouldn't because of cholesterol.

Depends. The yolk has the largest amount of cholesterol. One yolk gives you half of what the total recommended amount of saturated fat you need. If you are not eating any other sources of saturated fat for the whole day, then its fine but if you are eating meat, eating out, eating cookies/cakes/etc then you are definitely getting the saturated fat. So try for about 3-4 yolks per week and more egg white.
Eggs are healthy. Eating 2 eggs a day is just fine--a good, healthy habit. Eggs are a great, rich source of proteins and vitamins, as well as the fat in the yolk. The new england journal of medicine once reported a man who ate 80 eggs a day and sitll had a normal cholesterol. The major factor among people with high cholesterol is genetics, much more so than diet.
Garbage. The recommendations that came out of the government in the 70's were thought up with good intentions based on a pool of people with defective controller genes.The cholesterol in your blood is necessary building blocks for hormones (like estrogen) and others.They are set by genetic factors, not what you eat unless you have the the gene problem.If you have the normal genes this is not necessary.