What's the difference between separated legiments and torn legiments and they still want u to see a surgeon an ur on crutches an pain med call norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen)?

Similar terms. Torn ligaments and seperated ligaments mean the same thing for the most part. It means the ligaments are stretched out to the point of separation. Of course crutches and rest are helpful but if the ligament is really torn, it does not mend correctly or continue to be loose. This is bad because it creates incongruity in the joint and allow for recurrent sprains. Seek professional help.
Ligament Injuries. Ligament injuries can be graded: i: stretching, ii: partial tear and iii: complete tear. Not really sure what you mean by separated ligaments. A shoulder separation is an injury to the ligaments in the shoulder. As for crutches then you are probably thinking of a knee or ankle ligament injury. Cructches are used to unload the joint. Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) is a narcotic pain medication.

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Is there any dr I can call right now about my withdrawl from norcos (hydrocodone and acetaminophen)?

Call the hospital. You can call your family doctor or call the local hospital to find where a safe place to go is locally available.

Could someone be so kind and call me in some norcos (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). I have no insurance and no gp. I am extreme pain. Help me please.

No Treatment. I am sorry, and it says everywhere here on this simple application that we cannot offer treatment or prescriptions.
Nope. But it was a valiant effort. That's why we have laws to restrict the distribution of "narcos! " try getting your physician to write a prescription-s/he will evaluate your condition and determine the appropriate treatment.