Which stimulant is generally considered safer than the rest when needed in the 60's? Which are ones usually considered highest risk for older people?

Stimulants in elders. I most commonly use Dextroamphetamine in a dose of 5 mg; methylphenidate is also commonly used. These medications can have side-effects, particularly elevated blood pressure and reduced appetite. In the conditions for which they are used, eg. Severe depression not responding to antidepressants, the benefits may exceed the benefits but patients need to be observed carefully for serious side-effects.
Few studies done in. People that age for any of these drugs, so the best I can give you is a guess. For the most part, the issue in older people with any psychoactive drug is to start lower than usual, and raise it slower than usual, and to watch blood pressure, pulse and other problems - chest pain, shortness of breath etc. Statera (atomexitine) might be the best first choice, and low-dose methylphenidate second.