Protected sex 9/10.Std screening (alltests) 9/16 - Negative. UTI screening 9/22, neg. Occasionally, slight stinging near tip of urethra after pee. Herpes?

Probably no STD. If no penis contact with partner's genital area before the condom was in place, no STD is a possible explanation for this symptom. You could have herpes contact above the condom, but that wouldn't cause symptoms at the tip. Basic STD/UTI tests are highly reliable. My guess is nothing wrong except maybe anxiety raising your awareness of trivial sensations you would otherwise ignore or not notice.
See a doctor. This may be a non-gonococcal urethritis, herpes is possible, you may have prostatitis (in which the pain is classically referred to the tip of the penis), or something else could be going on. See your PCP or a urologist and be re-evaluated.