How do I wean my baby off of the pacifier?

Get ready, get set. In seven days, no more pacifier; in six days; in five days; etc. Then, when they wake up on the day it is to be gone, make sure it is absolutely gone. Nowhere in the house. Even if in the trash, they'll find it. It'll only take a day or two and it'll be a non-issue. Honest. (yes, your child may not count or know what days are, but they'll get the countdown concept.).
What age? If you stop the pacifier by 4 months of age, it will be very easy. At 4 months babies begin to realize they have arms and can use them purposefully. Some providers feels it is preferable for infants to suck a thumb rather that use a pacifier. The thumb is readily available and gives your infant more independence on comforting him or herself when she needs to.
Older children. Weaning from a pacifier for toddlers is often difficult. Some suggestions include: slowing cutting the end of the pacifier. Another suggestion would be to donate them to a new baby and explaining to the child that they are getting bigger and it is time to give their pacifier to a small baby in need of one.