I have epilepsy and have asked my doctor for an epi pen. He said I did not need one. Why would he refuse to give me something that will help me?

Epi-Pen for allergy. Epi-pen and twinject are emergency medications for self-injection when a person has a severe allergic reaction (also need to call 911 for ambulance). As an "allergy medicine", epi-pen or twinject does not have anything to do with epilepsy or seizures. However, a person with both epilepsy and allergic anaphylactic reactions should have an epi-pen (or similar) device.
Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a seizure disorder. An Epipen (epinephrine) is an auto injector for adrenaline used to treat a severe allergic reaction and anaphylaxis which may be life threatening.