I stopped taking Guanfacine 3 days ago. Is my Autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia) including impotence reversable and if yes then how? I am suffering with many of the side effects associated with Guaunfacine in addition to my many dysautonomia symptoms.

If related to. anti hypertensive medication, the D might be reversible if discontinued and placed on a CCB or ACE inhibitor medication; however, you must understand that elevated BP itself can cause ED.
Here are some... While there is a potentiality to reverse side effects of a drug after stopping it's us, the degree & pace of recovery widely vary, yet at times uncertain. At present, all what you can & should do is practice healthy lifestyle without overindulgence & obsession. This idea conforms with: Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, & continuation from inception to eternity.