My wife has been throwing up with severe headache and neckpain for two days, no fever or stomach pain. Any ideas?

Get checked out now. Severe headache, neck pain & vomiting can be caused by anything from a migraine to bleeding, tumor or infection in the brain. An exam, some testing, and more detailed questions will help find the cause. Even if it is "just" dehydration, after two days it will likely need prescription medication and IV fluids to get it under control, so i would head over to a nearby urgent care or er now.

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Help! I fart ocassionaly, I have fever, severe stomach ache, severe headache and runny nose. I'm suffering for 4days already please help me. : (thanks?

You'll be alright. Your symptoms could indicate a viral infection and dehydration. Try to stay hydrated and it will run its course. If you get worse, cannot stay hydrated, or think something is seriously wrong, see your doctor asap. You'll come right soon. Read more...