I had scc on face, bowens on leg & now diagnosis breast cancer (focal scc also), is there a link having skin cancer & breast cancer?

Probably not. No correlation between squamous cell cancer of the skin with breast cancer. Scc of the skin- including bowen's disease which is squamous carcinoma in situ of the skin- are related to uv exposures. Breast cancer with a focal scc- is suspicious for metaplastic carcinoma of the breast- a very rare type of breast cancer. There is a relation between metaplastic cancer with brca 1 mutation.
Depends. Not usually linked specifically, but if you have genetic abnormality that predisposes you to cancer, it could show up this way. Your age and family history are important. Brca testing may be appropriate. (www, myriad. Com).
Unclear. There is no clear link that we know of today. However in the future we discover the link.

Related Questions

Is it common that breast cancer metastisize in the skin? What are signs of skin cancer?

Possible. Most of the skin metastasis in local area of breast as set lite metastasis in advanced breast cancer, out side breast skin metastasis is rare and unusual. Primary skin cancers like melanoma from pig. Mole or squamous cell, or basal cell all have their own futures, for any suspicious, non healing lesion should seek help of a professionals for early detection and cure.
Depends. Breast cancer spread to the skin is uncommon, but there are two scenarios worth discussing. Sometimes after breast cancer has been surgically removed it can regrow near the incision. The second situation is called inflammatory breast cancer. Here the skin is involved with cancer by direct extension of the breast cancer.