My brother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last year and now he has mood swings and is depressed and blames the disease on my mom. What to do?

See health provider. Feelings of anger, denial, and depression can occur after learning you have a chronic health condition. The good news is that there are many treatments for ulcerative colitis and a gastroenterologist can help with the appropriate treatment. Seeing a counselor or psychologist for those having difficulty with adjusting to the diagnosis may also be helpful. Good luck.
Get help. For your brother. If he is on steeroids, that may contribute to his mood changes. He needs to get in touch with a psychologist or psychiatrist and also needs to discuss his situation with the doc managing his colitis meds. He can be helped. Be persistent.

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Can you tell me if I have ulcerative colitis, major depression, ocd, borderline personality disorder, and dermatillomania?

Not would the. information provided. I would encourage a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and evaluation by your physician or a gastroenterologist for accurate assessment. Take care. Read more...