My upper back hurts should I still do a chiro session?

Probably not. It sounds as if your discomfort is still present despite having sessions with a chiropractor. Chiropractors offer a deep massage but not actual diagnosis or treatment. It is based on an ancient and outmoded theory of disease long since proven incorrect. If you are having discomfort that is persistent, see your general physician to get started on a path of actual diagnosis and treatment.
Why??? Will they be able to tell you if you have gallbladder issues, GERD, A tumor? An infection? Tissue swelling? They will charge you and you will still need to see an MD to figure out what's going on. Save your money and skip the middle man. Start with a family or primary MD. If nothing serious then you can go to chiro and pay a lot of money for a massage.

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Upper back pain, slight curve in spine. Chiropractor says I need 40+ session. Second opinion? Please see xray: http://tinypic. Com/r/f4oetj/5

Second opinion yes. Nice idea to show us the xray very useful not a very bad curve in a 38 year old person I would definitely seek another opinion upper back pain can be very hard to treat but is not usually indicative of serious pathology and I would tend to doubt that the curve has much to do with it / seek out an orthopedic spine specalist perhaps best of luck with this problem.