What steps should I follow when giving my baby a sponge bath?

Warm room . Insure the room is not cold or drafty, use a warm moist washcloth and gently clean the baby all over. Try not to get the umbilical area wet. No soap is really necessary and every other day is fine. The hair can be washed with baby shampoo. Have a nice warm hoody towel ready for extra comfort when drying. Newborns are often upset by their bath but eventually enjoy them.
Steps vary. Sponge bathing is typically recommended for babies until the umbilical cord falls off or until the infant boy's circumcision area has healed well. The first step includes preparing the area to avoid leaving baby alone to gather more items. After that gently wash baby's head and face and work down to the lower part of the body. Remember to clean between genital folds. Enjoy the time together!