7 months preg. I dont want to take nutrition tablets. Instead what foods should I take for healthy pregnancy and delivery?

Iron, folic acid. Foods that are high in folic acid, iron, and calcium to start are good. NUTS have great minerals. Focus on fruits, vegetables and vary them. I like to say eat your colors of the rainbow. Think broad. Great resources include the CDC and mypyramid.gov for basic food nutrition. Good luck and rest up!
Folic Acid, Iron & Calcium. Get in healthy proteins like red & black beans, chickpeas, fish (low mercury), poultry (75 to 100 gm of protein/ day). Calcium (1, 000 mg per day) with tofu, almonds, dairy products or eggs. Iron (27mg/day) from whole grains & green leafy veggies. Folic acid (600 to 800 mg/day with foods like melon, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries & turnips.