I have a wisdom teeth growing in really hurts but I can't go to the dentist at college, what should I do?

Rinse. With warm salt water, brush at least a few times a day and make an appointment to see your dentist for when you go home. If you start to have significant swelling and difficulties swallowing, don't delay; see someone as soon as possible. Pain associated with wisdom teeth usually means an infection and the teeth often need to come out.
Go to another one. Take some ibuprofen, use salt water for gargling. Even orajel may help somewhat. The problem becomes when the wisdom tooth is pushing other adjacent teeth. In that situation, it needs to be removed and you will need to go to a dentist to get xrays done.
Go to dentist. If your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, you must call home and have mom and dad set up with your dentist or oral surgeon and plan on getting home and doing it or contact school nurse and have her referr you to oral surgeon in vicintity of school and have done there. The extractions should not incapacitate you from normal school work. Priority is get them out. Asap.