Hi doc, my parents and my elder sister have diabetes. I am the one left and I am 24 will I? coz I love eating chocolates

Food most powerful. of all medications. Type II DM typically develops over 3-4 decades & is most powerfully driven by all sugars/carbohydrates, less so by protein intake & near zero by fats of natural origin. Thus go HFLC+above gnd veggies, monitor HbA1c (optimal <5.0%), Optimize NMR lipoproteins, keep SBP <120 mmHg. Thus go HFLC, study my answers, Big Fat Lies, DietDoctor.com, Taubes, Attia, NUSI.org, Lustig, etc.
It's a good chance. There's a 90% concordance in families with type 2 (adult onset) diabetes, so there's a good chance you'll get it regardless of your chocolate intake. Take preventive measures now to minimize your chances of getting diabetes in the short term.