Am 19 with idiopathic pancreatitis my sgot sgpt were normal 1month ago and now are 140 and 66 Dr. Debosish bose sir hope for u r advice bilirubin 1.5

Mild increase. These are mild increases in your liver enzymes and may not be too concerning if they just went up (as they may fluctuate given your condition). Did you start any new medications? If so talk to the doctor about them. If not and you feel the same get a repeat within a month to trend them and if still up talk to you gastroenterologist.

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CAN any pancreas expert can tell about my rise in sgot 66 sgpt 140 levels am 19 and have idiopathic pancreatitis bilirubin is 1.5 wre normal 30dys ago? Doc debashish bose sir hope for advice frm u

Possible gallbladder. Idiopathic pancreatitis refers to a first episode of acute pancreatitis without identifiable cause. When liver enzymes and bilirubin are elevated there could be an explanation for the pancreatitis and a treatable cause such as gall bladder stones, problems with the gall bladder or hepatic ducts or hepatitis. Your doctor can investigate further to determine the cause of these findings. Read more...