My my little brother got bit by something he has a couple little bites probably like six or seven of them in a little group and he doesn't say their mosquito itches there just burning more like but they do look like bug bites, what could it be?

Clustered Rash. We do not know the age of your little brother which might guide us in learning about this rash. 6 or 7 little spots which look like "bug bites" to you is helpful. Anyone else have a similar rash? Is it increasing in size or number of areas? Are they crusted over? Is there overlying redness extending from the areas? Ddx: includes impetigo, mite bites as scabies, spider or mosquito bites.
Can't tell. If it is a cluster, it is unlikely to be from mosquito. Also they may not be from a bug bite at all. See your doctor especially if the lesions get infected.