What's the cost range, if you had to guess, of Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for severe OCD patients?

Deep Brain Stimula- tion is approved by most insurance companies for adults with OCD who have failed to show improvement on at least 3 different SSRI's & Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It requires prior approval. The out-of-pocket expense varies with the type of coverage you have & the guidelines of your medical insurance company.

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Could deep brain stimulation or gamma knife surgery for OCD be done on someone with epilepsy?

Possibly. Gamma knife surgery is actively being studied as an alternative choice to traditional epilepsy surgery. Deep brain stimulation of the thalamus has been studied and has been found to be an effective therapy for some types of epilepsy. However, it may not offer any advantage over the vagus nerve stimulator, which is a less invasive treatment. Right now, insurers do not cover dbs for epilepsy . Read more...