Is 200mg of COq 10 safe and effective for lowering blood pressure? Current meds are Zoloft losartan betapace and nexium (esomeprazole). Any interactions?

There are two forms. of CoQ10. Neither has been regulated by the FDA. (One form appears to have more antioxidant properties). Several conditions have been associated with low CoQ10 levels including HTN, heart failure, certain cancers, gingivitis, gastric ulcers, etc. Currently there has not been a consensus arrived at as to the BP lowering effects (due to lack of controlled studies). May affect Zoloft (sertraline) level a bit.
Yes. No. Maybe. Yes. It is safe to take CoQ10, but why bother? The only evidence for any effect of CoQ10 is from sellers and makers, and is totally unreliable. No. CoQ10 is not effective for lowering blood pressure. Invest the money in a gym membership for better health. Maybe: no one knows if there is any interaction with your current medications, since FDA does not regulate CoQ10 except for health injury.