What are symptoms of kidney infection that are spreading into your blood?

Sepsis symptoms. Fever, shaking chills, sweats, lightheadedness especially when standing, nausea and vomiting, weakness, flank pain, bloody urine, frequent painful urination, increased urge to urinate and abdominal pain.

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I have blood in my urine? Okay, so I recently was diagnosed with walking pneumonia but I am getting over it. But this is my problem I was also diagnosed with a kidney infection and I know the usual symptoms which include frequent urinations but I just noti

Kidney. Kidney infections, kidney stones, cramps, and blood in the urine are all interrelated. A stone can cause bleeding, crampy pain, and infection. An infection can cause bleeding and crampy pain with or without a stone. It's certainly possible that you're passing a stone. It's also possible that blood has formed a clot and the clot is causing a blockage and subsequent pain. The best bet is to take whatever antibiotics you've been given, stay well hydrated, and give it a few days. If the symptoms persist, see your doctor again.

Not pregnant have all symptoms of ovarian cancer went to ER told I have kidney infection but no pain when urinate or no blood 30 years old 2 children?

Get a second... The symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague and mostly non specific. It is worth considering when symptoms are chronic and not otherwise explained. More common to have a urinary or kidney infection. If you are concerned, get a second opinion.

Pain in lower left back and smear blood when I wipe, think its kidney infection, no healthcare, what could I take?

Hemorrhoids. Could be hemorrhoids. Please have someone look. Or you can use mirror. You need to go to a local free clinic for evaluation. Not kidney infection.

I have a kidney infection and had to have a blood transfusion, what could be wrong?

Unlikely related. You should undergo a work up for your anemia to ensure that there is no iron, B12 or folate (folic acid) deficiency. It is unlikely the kidney infection is related to your anemia.

Can a kidney infection cause blood in my urine?

Yes. Uti which can become kidney infection can cause pain and frequency with urination as well as blood in urine. You will need to go to doc to check urine culture, check temperature and possible kidney ultrasound depending on clinical findings.