What are most common symptoms of fibromyalgia in middle age?

Fibromyalgia symptom. Tender muscles and fatigue.
See below. Fibromyalgia syndrome is most common in middle age but can occur in elderly people.Most common in women. Symptoms: muscular pain and tenderness on both sides of the body above and below the waist, poor sleep, fatigue. Other symptoms that may or may not be present or problems with the bowels and bladder, depression, problems with concentration. Treatment varies, exercise, meds, psychotherapy.
Pain & sleeplessness. Fibromyalgia (FM) middle age symptoms: chronic pain, sleep disorder, & fatigue; all worsened if symptoms present for years. Acute mechanical spine injuries can occur at any age from MVA's & falls & thereby set stage for muscle deconditioning, low back pain, pelvic instability & months later, evolution upper back & shoulder pains; result of chronic postural derangement & muscle spasm, i.e., FM.