How are fibroids treated?

Different treatment. Surgical removal, watchfull waiting, if small and asymptomatic hormonal treatment, to control the bleeding non-steroidal anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. To control the pain.
Fibroids. They are treated in many ways, it depends on the symptoms. If there are no symptoms then just get an occasional ultrasound to monitor them. For heavy periods one could just do birth control pills. Then there are the surgical therapies: in the right situation endometrial ablation, or myomectomy. The ultimate treatment is hysterectomy. There is another therapy: uterine artery embolization.
Surgery. No medication permanently shrinks fibroid tumors. If you have symptoms options exist to help improve them: myomectomy (cutting out fibroids, repairing uterus) for women who desire future pregnancy hysterectomy (fibroid uterus removal), preferably laparoscopic or vaginal routes, best choice if family complete uterine artery embolization - injection of foam to block uterus blood supply.