What beneficial physical effects of aspirin help alleviate symptoms of arthritis?

Antiinflammatory. Aspirin reduces inflammation in the body and this is why is often helpful for certain types of arthritis, particularly for rheumatoid arthritis which is a form of autoimmune arthritis. Like too much of anything though, too much Aspirin can cause toxic effects in the body. Your doctor can help you determine how much is safe for you.
Several. Asa inhibitis the formation of inflammatory prostaglandinds, as well as thromboxanes. This is share by drugs like Naproxen and ibuprophen. Asa is more likely to induce bleeding because it loses its acetyl group to platelets. This effect last two weeks. All salicylates have a keratolytic effect: meaning the disrupt or break apart lining cells of skin or mucosa.This is why GI bleeds are more likely.