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If I have testicular pain suspected to be referred muscular pain, no lumps or swelling of testicle, does it make any sense to get a scrotal ultrasound?

To completely r/o. it makes sense as to completely rule out other possibilities even though no mass/swelling is noted. Especially if the pain does not go away after a week or so, also it depends on your other history, age, examination etc. Discuss with your doctor.

I am experiencing testicles shrinkage, testicular pain (quality: persistent discomfort), scrotum swelling, genital lump (penis or scrotum) (quali...

Uro symptoms. The variety of symptoms you mention indicate the need for you to see a urologist right now. Your family doctor can refer you to this type of specialist. This will rule out or identify medical conditions. It will also allow for treatment, if needed, before conditions progress. Peace and good health.

My scrotum is red and testicle hurts?

See Dr. ASAP. You may have 1) testis torsion, 2) torsion of an appendix testis 3) epiididymitis or something else. 1) is an emergency so you don't lose your testicle. And 3) needs antibiotics and rest.

What could be a scrotal mass thats the size of a BB (~3mm) but flattened It's kinda free floating but always near the left testicle. Hurts with pressure?

Scrotal mouse! Small masses like the one you have described and are free floating are often refered to scrotal mice! Becase they are small, slippery and run arround. These are benign, harmless. Often made up of fibrin and other debris. One doesnot have to do any thing, no need of any surgery. However you should see a urologist to make sure it is what I said it is.

I feel a small lump inside my scrotum and it pains when I press it. The lump is not attached to the testicles. What is it?

Be examined... The palpable lump inside the sac but outside testis in a man without prior local surgery or trauma usually represents a harmless cyst of epididymis, which is hard for untrained fingers to palpate. So, to verify it, have a urologist do physical exam with careful palpation + ultrasound testing only as rarely needed. How to get these done correctly? Go to http://formefirst. Com/eNewsletter06.html.