Is grocapix gel effective like minoxidil 10% For hair loss treatment? M using grocapix gel.!

Grocapix not same. Grocapix contains red clover extract that is said to be a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, suppressing dihydrotestosterone thereby reducing effects of this hormone on hair growth.This is the way the prescription med finasteride (Propecia) works. Minoxidil works differently, by improving blood supply to the hair follicles.Tough to say which, if either, will work better for any individual.
Cannot say. I do not know of any studies done with the drug. While it may be as good I would stick with minoxidil since it is FDA approved-which means that they had to show it works for most people.

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Does long-term uses of minoxidil (rogaine), for hair loss treatment, have severe side -effect? I have ckd. Please rush.

Depends absorption? . It really depends on the systemic absorption and this will likely be reflected by your blood pressure. It is unlikely t have an effect but i would discuss with your nephrologist. Read more...

Hi doctor, I am facing hair loss from past 1 year. Now doctor prescribed me capixyl grocapix gel for hair loss. Can you please tell me the sideeffects.

Not much known. Not much is known about these two chemicals at this point in time. We will probably know shortly. We do know that rogaine (minoxidil) works well and if the liquid is irritating to your scalp you can switch to the foam which will not cause any irritation. Read more...

Which one are best over male pattern baldness. ..grocapix gel or minoxidil 10%?

Minoxidil. Minoxidil has been shown to help back of the head balding but not frontal balding ( I know personally). I would see your doctor if this is what you are suffering from. Read more...