How common is pms?

85 percent. Wide range estimate , 85 percent of women had at least one symptoms.
Very common. Premenstrual tension syndromes are very common. Symptoms usually include irritability, cramping and fatigue.

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How common is pms, pmdd?

Varies with eavh stu. Data varies with definition of the two terms. Over 50% pms 6/12 cycles. Pmdd varies significantly by definition of the dysfunction involved. Thus studies of prevalence have varied significantly. The key issue for most of us who see folks, is about disability. Then how frequent? . Read more...

How common is it to PMS 23 days before your period?

Not really. Premenstrual symptoms typically begin several days before one's period starts, and typically taper off 1-3 days after the start of full flow. If you are experiencing premenstrual-type symptoms 23 days prior to your period, they are likely due to another factor, and can be discussed with your doctor to help determine the cause. Read more...