I'm allergic to polyethylene glycol is it in advil (ibuprofen)?

In some formulations. Tablets/caplets & gel caplets do not contain polyethylene glycol. Liqui-gels, extra strength caplets, advil (ibuprofen) muscle and joint tablets, & extra strength liqui-gels all do. See following site for complete listing of advil (ibuprofen) ingredients: http://chealth. Canoe. Ca/drug_info_details. Asp? Brand_name_id=1627&rot=4.

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GoLYTELY (polyethylene glycol) does it contain Psyllium or sulfar? Deathly allergic to sulfar and really don't like the thoughts of psyllium! Is a colonscopy safe?

No. GoLYTLEY is used almost exclusively for bowel prep prior to colonoscopy rather than psyllium which is a bulk forming stool softner. GoLytley is polyethylene glycol which in a small amount of liquid, further absorbs larger quantities of water into the intestine where it tends to liquefy fecal material and cleanse the GI tract. There is no other component to GoLytley tbat can cause side effects.