I had a few itchy bumps around my feet and now after scratching they developed into blisters. What do you recommend?

Athletes foot. Certain types of athletes foot ( fungal infections) can cause small blisters (vesicles) to form. Scratching them causes the fluid to be released and the infection spreads. Try an over the counter anti fungal cream as well as some hydrocortisone to control the itching. If they don't improve after a week seek professional care.

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I have tiny itchy bumps on the bottom of my foot. They are all around what used to be a blister and is now a hole in my foot with weird looking skin?

I'm not sure what . Exactly you mean by a whole in the foot...are we speaking of a bonafide ulcer? If so you should see a foot doctor or dermatologist....if its just one of the blisters erupting it sounds more along the lines of a bullous Tinea pedis or athletes foot and a topical antifungal would be a good starting point. Read more...