I have been diagnosed with Thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy. I have great faith in my neurosurgeon, but want more info. Affects T4-10.

What kind of info? What kind of info do you want? If the spondylosis is affecting your walking, bowel or bladder function, the surgery should be very helpful. You could ask one of our surgeons a specific question.

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I have been diagnosed with thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy. What should I do?

Have it operated on. If you already have the diagnosis of myelopathy, it may be dormant for a long time. However, it never gets better, unfortunately. Are you certain that the myelopathy is in the thoracic spine. The MRI should also check the cervical and lumbar spine, because the thoracic spine, without any trauma, is rare. Read more...

What is Thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy?

It means. Thoracic spine arthritic changes without spinal cord damage! Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...