What can be done about severe mouth pain other than pills. Orajel?

Determine the cause. What is causing your pain? Toothache? Abscess? Periodontal disease? Canker sore? Unknown lesion? Burn? Cut? Please see a local dentist for evaluation.
Find the cause. Severe mouth pain can have many serious causes and needs to be checked out. If it turns out to be just canker sores, then there are great treatments to quickly alleviate the pain/erosions. See a doctor/dermatologist who specialized in oral diseases because the actual cause of the mouth pain needs to be found.
See a dentist. If you have a mouth pain, you may have an infected cavity with nerve damage or gum disease. You can use NSAID OTC or Tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain control. However, see a dentist ASAP for assessment and definitive diagnosis and treatment.
Location? Tooth, gum, mucous membrane? If tooth or gum, OTC pain meds and dental appointment. If mucous membrane, Orajel and saline rinse. If persists, see dentist.