Can neural foraminal, and lumbar spinal stenosis, with ddd at l5-s1. And the stenosis is at l4-5, l5-s1, cause HIGH abn on CBC for WBC mono lymph gran?

Ummm.... Let me see if I can translate your post into English: You have bony and disc abnormalities in your lumbar spine and also some hematological abnormalities. Is that the correct rendering? The two have nothing to do with each other. Did you ask the question of your doctor? (I recommend that in future you have a native speaker of English check your question before you post it.)
Usually not related. Typically spinal changes on Lumbar MRI with abnormal blood test results are not related. However, there is an uncommon condition called discitis which is an infection of the disc. Typically there is a preceding surgery, trauma or infection elsewhere. Again this is not very common. I would speak to your internist to evaluate other causes of elevated CBC and keep the spine idea in the back of mind.