Can having irregular menstrual periods cause infertility?

Sometimes. It depends on why you have irregular periods. Of the cause is that you are not ovulating you will have trouble getting pregnant. Off you keep a calander you may discover tat you are more regular tan is obvious.
Related. Irregular periods are almost always a sign of irregular or absent ovulation. Ovulatory problems are the most common fertility problems in females, accounting for around 30% of cases.

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I am having irregular periods & ovary cysts, so can it cause infertility problems?

Irregular menses. The most common reason for irregular cycles is oligo- or anovulation: in other words either only occassionally releasing an egg or not releasing an egg. This can cause problems getting pregnant because if an egg is not released or not released regularly it reduces the chances. See your physician for evaluation.

Do you think having irregular periods are the main cause of infertility?

Infertility. Irregular periods can be a sign of inconsistent ovulation. It could also be the result of disorders of the Thyroid, Prolactin, or other hormones. You could also have elements of PCOS. Consult your physician for further advice/work up.

Does medical abortion cause infertility? I am trying to get pregnant after an abortion 5 months ago and no results. I have really irregular periods

Rarely a problem. Most abortions (medical or surgical) don't cause future fertility problems, but if you have some pregnancy tissue left behind or an infection afterwards it can cause scarring inside your uterus (asherman's syndrome). A hysterosalpingogram (hsg) test will check for this as well as checking that your tubes are open. You should get checked to find out why you're irregular by a rei physician.

What causes irregular menstrual periods in young girls?

Depends on age. It may take up to 18 months after the first period for menstruation to become regular. In order for a girl or woman to have a period, a complex series of hormone signals has to take place. It can take the body time to get all of those signals "in sync, " so it may be many months before the period becomes regular.

Can stress or harassment at a young age cause irregular menstrual periods?

Yes. Stress (the mind) can affect the body in many ways.
Yes indeed. Stress can cause many symptoms depression, anxiety, weight changes, and irregular menses.