Looking for clinic doing IVF with icsi?

Any IVF Clinic. Virtually every ivf clinic performs icsi. Icsi is the most important advance after ivf for treatment. Icsi should be limited to severe male factor cases where the sperm cannot get into egg without assistance. If you need it then there is no other treatment. Male factors = 35% of ivf cases but icsi used 65% nationally. Recent study highlights risks (http://1.Usa.Gov/kzpobx). Best wishes.
I agree. Although icsi was initially used for severe male factor, it has been our experience that by doing icsi you should get close to 100% fertilization rates with mature eggs and even be able to get some of the immature ones fertilized. To some extent, ivf is a numbers game and the more good eggs and embryos you get, the better your success becomes. Good luck.