Gas + abdominal bloating (come and go for 2 years) + No abnomalies in CTscan or blood tests, what should I do? Could be caused by bacteria or parasit?

Consider SIBO. Chronic excess gas production and bloating could represent Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Patients with IBS may also suffer from SIBO. In my practice, I occasionally check for SIBO in patients with IBS and severe gas that are not responding well to a FODMAP diet and other traditional IBS treatments.

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Investigating CFS & enteritis: With bloating, GI gas, mucus, some diarrhoea, odd weight change & failsafe diet, which non-blood tests would be useful?

Would consider... Colonoscopy to the terminal ileum with biopsies and Abdominal/pelvic CT scan at the start of your evaluation, especially if stool contains blood (occult or visible). Also, have infectious causes (stool testing) and celiac disease been ruled out yet? Read more...

Just had my blood tests it says elevated immunoglubin a (iga). Having diarreah and gas bloating, mixed bowel movements, doc says it may be ibs?

Big picture. Having an IgA slightly (or even considerably) about the reference range (the range into which most people fall) in the absence of a monoclonal spike (which at your age would surprise me greatly) seldom means anything. Treat the person, not the labs. Good luck. Read more...