What does "inhibitory volition" = adhd?

Mouthful. The inability to inhibit a prepotent behavior is one of the deficits in executive function that occur in many patients with adhd. A child with this needs behavioral therapy along with medication. His medicine is like " eyeglasses for his brain." it helps him focus & think about the consequences of his actions, but it doesn't teach him what is okay to do. " pills don't teach skills." therapists do.
Not necessarily. Irresistable impulse may be an impulse not resisted. There are degrees of both volition and inhibition they are not equal or the same.

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What does "inhibitory volition" mean adhd?

Poor Impulse Control. Inhibitory volition is a fancy term for poor impulse control. People with adhd tend to have poor impulse control or deficits in inhibitory volition. Read more...