Do STDs show leukocytes in the urine?

Here are some .. Some leukocytes in urine may suggest the presence of some inflammation somewhere along urinary tract or contamination especially from "carelessly" collected urine specimen of sexually active females. So, such finding needs to correlate with individual scenario to derive clinical significance. Your inquiry of such denotes your being a health-conscious lady; congratulation!

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My pap STD check all normal result 2day doc prev said was probably bac cervicitis had leukocyte n urine is something else wrong or a diff infect?

MIght be UTI. You might have a slight UTI or urinary tract infection. As a female, you are more susceptable to uti, and you could be asymptomatic. It can be ecoli, the most common cause, or other pathogens, or it can be nothing. See your doctor for exam and possible treatment. Read more...