What type of dr would one go to for shoulder arm hand pain?

Primary care. I would start with primary care doctor. He/she will do the necessary examination, workup, possibly imaging and refer you to specialists when needed.
Orthopaedic hand doc. I would suggest an orthopaedic hand specialist. The orthopaedic training is good for all of your problems, and specialized hand training is an added bonus. Typically, 5 yrs of residency training in orthopaedic's and a year of hand fellowship training are needed. Make sure all of your doctors are board certified.

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What type of doctor would I go see for arm, shoulder and hand pain?

Ortho. Seek consultation with orthopedic surgeon, if you have tingling or numbness may be you need to see neurologist also. Always good idea to call your primary care physician to rule out emergency. Read more...

What type of doctor treats arm, shoulder and hand pain?

Variable. Usually a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon, although other non surgeons and general orthopedic surgeons do. Read more...