Total cholesterol: HDL ratio 5.6 ratio, HDL level 1.4, LDL 5.3, triglycerides 2.6, serum cholesterol 7.9. My father had high cholesterol. Serious?

Very high. In the USA we use mg per deciliter so for our US readers, I'm going to convert yours: TC: 305, LDL: 204, HDL: 54, TG: 230. Your numbers are all very high. This is likely inherited and will not be normalized thru diet alone. I would have no issue advising a statin for you, but you should discuss it with your personal physician. Goto: and click on "Know Your Risk".

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2 Triglyceride: 133 Cholesterol total: 132 Cholesterol HDL: 37 Cholesterol LDL: 72 Cholesterol total/cholesterol-HDL ratio: 3.6.1 good? Ok? Bad?

Numbers are numbers. Lab results usually are numbers, and numbers are just numbers, with little meaning unless a doctor takes in the whole picture of what's going on. The ordering doctor may or may not consider the results a problem, depending on the patient's illnesses, bodily condition, life habits, and exercise activities. It's better to have HDL at 50 or higher. TG in the 130's is ok, but 120's might be better. Read more...

My father is taking pravastatin 20mg for high cholesterol. Total cholesterol, LDL & HDL are normal but triglycerides are 250. Why is this & what to do?

Change medication. Assuming he is following a prudent, cholesterol-lowering diet and exercise plan, Pravastatin is not created with the intent of lowering the triglycerides, no matter what dose he tries. Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Crestor will lower the cholesterol at safe doses, but they may be more expensive than Pravastatin, depending on his insurance plan. But they will lower the triglycerides and keep LDL and HDL in check. Read more...