What are the side effects of drinking too much vodka?

Getting drunk and... Too much of any kind of alcohol can cause slurred speech, drowsiness, nausea,vomiting,diarrhea, trouble breathing, headaches, poor coordination/tendency to fall, confusion, impaired judgment, blackouts, loss of consciousness & death. It can also indirectly lead to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases & death via accidents. Binge drinking is popular among young people but is dangerous!
Alcohol toxicity. Some short and long term consequences of excessive alcohol intake include vomiting, disorientation, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, seizures, liver failure, and death. This is the short list!
There Are Many. Side-effects from alcohol overuse and abuse, whether it be vodka or any other alcoholic beverage, range from short-term issues with cognitive and sensory impairment (which can result in death via motor vehicle accidents or other reckless behavior), emotional lability and hangover. Longer-term side effects include liver disease, dementia and death from either of these, and from alcohol withdrawal.