How to get gum sores?

Different ways. There are different kinds of gum sores. Some result from a viral infection, "cold sores", which can cause blisters. When these blisters burst, they often leave a shallow ulcer. Other open sores are from bacterial infections, trauma or an autoimmune reaction. Sores can sometimes be contagious so don't touch the sore with your finger.
Virus infection. We think these sores may be caused by a virus. Ask your dr for a rx like "aphatsol" or a steroid paste to shorten your discomfort.

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How do you get gum sores?

CANKER SORES. Canker sores are small shallow ulcers that appear in mouth and make eating and talking uncomfortable.The exact cause is not known.Stress or tissue injuryis thought to be cause of simple canker sore.Certain foods like citrus or acidic fruits, vegetables likelemons, tomatoes, orange, pineapple, apples, fig and strawberries can trigger a canker sore.Braces, ill fitting dentures can cause it too. Read more...