Is lower back pain and frequent urination a side effect of pregnancy?

Can be. Backpainduring pregnancy is not uncommon. As the baby grows, the musclesof the back must work harder to counteract the weight of the babytrying to pull you forward and they get fatigued and start to ache. Important to give you back rest when you feel fatigued and if not contraindicated some backstrengthening exercises can help.Urinaryfrequencyalso not uncommon but make sure no infection. See doc.

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I have a heavy feeling in my pelvic area, specifically on the left side. Worse when I stand. Frequent urination without pain. Lower back pain.

R/O UTI. Low back & pelvic pain with frequency of urination warrants evaluation for urinary tract infection. If these symptoms are chronic & proven not to be an infection, then pelvic sacroiliac joint disorder becomes a consideration, & an Osteopath should be consulted. . Read more...