What part of the forehead hurts when a tension headache?

Tension headache. Tension headache is mild to moderate diffuse headache feels like a band tied arond your head, it usually is bilateral.The pain can start from neck, back, eyes or another part of head and neck.It acconts for 90% of headaches.

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What is tension headache cause from? Having sharp pains in the upper part of the eye, making my head hurt painfully.

Tension . Tension headaches are band-like headaches that are usually dull, not throbbing. They are caused by excessive contraction of muscles in the neck, temples and forehead. They are sometimes bad enough to be accompanied by some nausea. They are distinguished from migraine which also causes nausea by the fact that in migraine there may be sensitivity to light and sound and the pain is throbbing and usually one sided. Sharp pains in the eye are usually something else and should be checked out. Talk to your primary care doctor. Read more...

How to know if you have a tension headache or allergy headache my eyes hurt forehead temples base of skull?

Hard to tell but. Allergy headaches are often associated with a sense of pressure and congestion. It is possible for you to actually have migraine headaches that you are thinking are allergy or sinus headaches. Tension headaches are more likely felt as muscle tightness in the back of the neck and the forehead, relieved by warmth or massage. If you have chronic or persistent, frequent headaches, see your doctor . Read more...