Why does the bottom of my foot hurts?

Overuse. There are many causes of bottom of the foot pain. You may be suffering from plantar fasciits, which affects middle age men and women. Many other causes of foot pain can be atttributed to structural and functional abnormalites affecting the foot such as metatarsalgia, neuroma's and stress fractures to name a few. Seek medical advice if your pain persists. Visit eastpennfoot.Com for more info.
Plantar Fasciitis. The most common condition is plantar fasciitis especially if there is pain getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting down for a period of time. Fortunately about 85% of patients experience significant relief after 3 or 4 treatments in the office.

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I've been a runner since 2007, so why does the bottom of my right foot hurt? Is because I'm constantly pounding on it when I'm running? Or what?

Bottom/ large space. The location of your pain needs to be more specific. If it's the ball of the foot consider a neuroma although you are young for this pathology. Ask, why is it just the right? Consider a limb length difference or orthopedic deformity such as crooked toes. Is a callous present? Are you flat-footed? Please submit more detail. Read more...