I want to talk to a doctor online. What are the benefits of a service like HealthTap?

HealthTap Prime. HealthTap Prime is a virtual medical consultation service. They say as many as 34% of office visits can actually be completed virtually - virtual medicine is one of the waves of the future, and HealthTap Prime is quite the mature product in this regard. Register at www.healthtap.com.
Info. Online doctors can help you better understand what may be going on with your body and/or elaborate more on present diagnosis, medications or treatments that you are presently undergoing. All from the comfort of your home.
Try It And See. Well,look,you've just asked a question on-line and Presto! you've got an answer (from one of the most respected and esteemed doctors in his own mind!).The next step would to either keep submitting a series of questions and getting a series of answers from a bunch of us or just take a leap and get a consult(either video,text,or by phone.I like phone so I don't have to dress up like a doctor).DO IT!