Pain in my fingers near my knuckles?

Possible diagnoses. If the main problem is joint pain with activity and the joints are larger and feel bony, osteoarthritis is a possibility. If there is a soft squishy joint swelling and morning stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis would be possible. In RA several joints are affected and usually both hands. Another possible diagnosis is simple tendinitis, usually from overuse. See your primary doctor first.

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Swollen middle finger, pain on my knuckle. Should I ice it?

Initially yes. If your problem is acute ice is the way to go you might also try advil (ibuprofen) r naprosin after 24hrs heat may help if pain persist.... See your hand surgeon. Read more...

Woke up with pain in knuckles below index finger/pain in finger. Have been playing video games a lot. Now swollen/painful can't bend or fully extend?

Video triggerfinger? It is possible you've developed the disease of young people in the 21st century (trigger finger caused by TOO MUCH video gaming). But to be sure there are other things that could cause pain and swelling in your finger so if after icing, Motrin for 3 days, and NO video games you're not better an examination would be in order. Questions? Write me: Key Code: PDXFNR. Read more...