What is the longest a fever can last?

Due to what? Fever is a symptom of some abnormal process. You need to see a doctor who will do a thorough history and physical and answer any questions you might have.

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What would the longest a fever can last in children be?

Depends... Fever of unknown origin is typically diagnosed after a fever of 4-6 weeks without any discernable cause; however, the grade of fever is an important characteristic. Most febrile illnesses last no more than 1-2 weeks; so you should have the child examined by his/her pediatrician to help discern the cause and prescribe treatment.
Not long. Most viral infections cause fever for 48-72 hours, while bacterial infections can last longer depending on the treatment timing and sensitivity to antibiotics prescribed. In general, if it's been more than a day or so (in children, not infants) it's time to see the pediatrician.
Fever- see doc? When to see a doctor when your child has a fever? Depends on the age and how the child is doing: http://www. Parenting. Com/health-guide/fever/when-call-doctor.