How likely would I be matched to donate bone marrow?

Depends. On average, about 1 in 500 registry member will go on to donate bone marrow to a patient. Because of the variety in tissue types, it's difficult to predict an individual's chance of being able to donate.
HLA typing. Your HLA type has 4 components and is unique to you, and possibly other family members, but since there are 7 billion other humans on earth, there is a good chance you can match an unrelated recipient by 3 or 4 HLA loci, making you a good to excellent donor. You can have your blood analyzed and checked against a national or international data registry to see if there are matches available for you.
About 1 in 500. On average, as an unrelated donor, you likely have a 1/500 chance of matching. However, if you are seeking to receive an unrelated compatible match, the odds are 1 in 20,000 (this varies across ethnic groups). As far as matching a particular person, there is no way to tell. Do donate. A local bone marrow registry or hospital blood bank may help you find a site & answer questions. Hope that help.

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How would I determine if I'm a match to donate bone marrow anonymously?

Awesome gesture! That's a great and noble gesture! go to your local hospital and ask to join up to the national bone marrow database. It should be a quick exam and test to collect data on you, you have the option of remaining anonymous. This is great and i hope more people follow your lead! if this helped, please vote or follow me, thanks and best of luck! Read more...

How old should you be to donate bone marrow?

Over 18 years. They prefer to take it from young adults up to the age of 45 years because the quality of stem cells is best in this age range. This can be extended up to 60 years among family members of the needy patient under special circumstances. Read more...