Natural cures besides baby shampoo for eyelid redness, dryness, itchiness?

Maybe more. 3 "conditions" maybe causing the problem. The first is allergies: it's been a tough allergy season. The best treatment is allergy meds, both topical and pills. The next is blepharitis- a chronic eyelid infection. Lid scrubs help but sometimes antibiotics are needed. A doctor needs to look to this rule out as rosacea, a disease can also make this worse. It could be an infection. Go to an md!

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Eyelid redness, dryness, itchiness?

Blepharitis. Eye MD. The most common cause of those symptoms is a blockage of the meibomian glands. Their job, when flowing normally is to create the outermost oily layer of the tear film which retards evaporation of the tears. At least 50% of people have some blockage of those glands. At the worst a chalazion or stye can form. Management consists of eyelash scrubs with q-tip and baby shampoo plus hot compresses. Read more...

I am experiencing itchy eyes, sensation of something in eye, shadow over part of vision and eyelid redness.

Eye symptoms. Your symptoms, especially the shadow over part of vision, indicate the need for you to see an opthalmologist ASAP. You MAY have a retinal tear. Peace and good health. Read more...